Creative Writing Competition

Due to the outstanding talent pool demonstrated through our student’s impressive writing skills, we have implemented the Creative Writing Competition.

We value the importance of encouraging students creative writing abilities outside the classroom, and we also understand the importance of acknowledging students for the tremendous efforts they put into their work.

Since May 2016, students have been tasked with a variety of writing topics that are meant to inspire creativity and originality. A new topic is announced every two weeks, and a winner is chosen from two different set groups (Years 1-3 or Years 4-6).

While there is a set of guidelines (see below) we recommend students follow, the main objective of the competition is for students to think creatively. Thus far, students have written about topics ranging from creating an outdoor end-of-year school party, to creating an acrostic poem about their future career aspirations.

We are very impressed by all of our students and their talents. You can check out all the Creative Writing Competition winners and their original works, plus the latest topics, on our Facebook page:

Creative writing competition guidelines

Key Stage Word Count Grammar & Punctuation Spelling Vocabulary Handwriting
1 Approximately 50 words or ½ a page Full stops and capital letters in the right places Be careful with your spelling N/A Clear and neat handwriting, joined if possible (optional)
2 Approximately 150 words or 1 page A varied range of punctuation, full stops, capital letters, commas, exclamation marks etc. Near to perfect spelling of difficult words Varied and exciting vocabulary Legible handwriting, joined up (optional)
3 Approximately 300 words or 1.5 pages Full use of punctuation including semi colons in all the correct places Perfect spelling throughout Using specific techniques learnt for informing, describing, persuading (e.g. personification, exaggeration, rule of three etc.…) Legible handwriting, joined up (optional)


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