These sessions have recently been introduced based on feedback we have received and are targeted specifically towards students who are in year 10 and year 11 who are starting their GCSE exam preparations. The sessions will cover both GCSE revision and GCSE exam practice with different exam boards. Our three preparation stages are similar to the 11 plus master class, in that it entails exploring key topics, applying the concepts, and delving into exam practice. Like the 11 plus master class sessions, we will place priority in that students are working in small groups so their individual learning needs are properly taken into consideration. The fees are the same year round as they are for all students from different stages.


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Need help or if you prefer to book by phone, sometimes it’s just nice to talk to a real person! Don’t hesitate to ask us something. Email us directly info@hackneytuition.com or call us at 020 70181260.

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