Fahmida – Year 11: Hackney Tuition Centre has helped me improve on my Maths from getting the lowest score in my class, I now get one of the highest scores in the class. Thanks to this tuition centre I am able to answer A – A* questions.


Clive – Year 10: Hackney Tuition Centre has helped me to improve in my school subjects. I have improved in my Maths, Science & English. Thanks 🙂


Neyaz – Year 11: Hackney Tuition Centre has increased my confidence with Maths and English and I am now able to answer any questions to the best of my ability. It has been extremely helpful.


Dilara – Year 11: Hackney Tuition Centre has helped me with my homework and also boosted my Maths, English and Science skills. It’s been a great help and the teachers are very passionate with what they do.


Aiya – Year 8 : It’s helped me to understand more about things and has boosted my knowledge for Maths and English.


Mohsin – Year 10: Hackney Tuition Centre has helped me to excel through Maths and English tremendously. The teachers are great!


Sharif – Year 11: I am very thankful for all the help given to me by the tuition centre. They’ve really helped me a lot, especially in maths. Once I got to the exam I felt really confident. I left that exam with my head held high and I couldn’t of have done that without the staff at the tuition centre. They’ve also helped me a lot with physics so I feel confident about my final exam. They have truly made maths an easier topic for me and for that I am truly thankful. Thank you!


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